Macy's Gives a Thumbs Up


Can you imagine what could be done with $25,000 in a school  classroom?   
What if you were to choose how the money was spent? What would you buy? Books? Technology? Much needed supplies?

Thanks to Macy's, one school is going to get a $25,000 and a chance to make a dream a reality. 


When I found out about this opportunity from Macy's, I couldn't sign up fast enough. I have a dream when it comes to my children's middle school: funding the music program. Our school district simply does not have the funds to properly build a music library. Every student is required to take music, either by taking band or the general music course, so it would seem that more tools are needed.  Studies have shown how richly a child's academics are improved when actively pursuing music.
*17 Excellent Studies About Music... via The Practical Nurse
*Music Memory Connection Found in Brain via Live Science

and my favorite

*Benefits of Music Education via Children's Music Workshop

So, in short, that is what I love to see happen if my children's school won. Because not just MY children would benefit, but an entire school population. And with the programs, books, and instruments that could be purchased, that gift  from Macy's could be felt for years to come.

Join me and a few of my friends as we participate in the Twitter party happening Thursday, September 8th at 8:00 EST. Follow #MacyB2S as well as @shespeaksup and @macys for great fun, conversation, and a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Ready to enter your child's school? Head over to Macy's Classroom Makeover Sweepstakes on Facebook and fill out the short form. That's it! I couldn't be any easier. But you better hurry; the sweepstakes is over on September 15. 

If your nominated school was to win, what would you like to see done with $25,000 from Macy's? If you would like to share your dream scenario leave a link to that post in the comments. 

I would like to thank Macy's and SheSpeaks for sponsoring this post. All opinions contained herein are mine. 

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