My name is Heather. It has been twenty-five days since my last blog post.
I am going to try to and rectify that in the coming days.

We are on Fall break this week. There are good points and bad points to such a vacation after nine weeks of getting up early, packing lunches, band practices, and homework.

The good points are obvious.

The bad means I have two tweens that are perpetually bored despite my exciting personality and ideas on fun activities. I can't understand why they don't think washing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, and vaccuming is fun. Plus the yard needs mowed!
Confused Mind
On top of their insistence that housework is not fun, they both harbor these bad attitudes that come in spikes. Party poopers, I tell you.

However, something odd apparently transitioned in the night. When I woke up this morning,  everything looked the same. Until I came downstairs...

  • TV was mysteriously off
  • Newly purchased Uno game was open and laying (lying?) on the floor 
  • Smell of freshly baked Pillbury cinnamon rolls in the air
  • Two boys, eerily similar to my boys, are working together to ice the aforementioned cinnamon rolls
  • The same two boys ate together, quietly but with appropriate conversation
  • And then played a game of Uno that they taught themselves
Somehow in the night, I transitioned to bizarro world. I am frightened. 

The spell was broken at 11:00 a.m. when the older of the two headed outdoors to mow. He attempted to reason that the punishment that was doled out last night* also included mowing. Meaning he would be excluded from doing it. 

I am back in the house I know and usually love. It was nice while it lasted though. 

*In cleaning the kitchen last night, I saw that someone had hacked at the knife block, a major faux-pas in this house. The suspect has been determined, but in the meantime, all children's activities short of chores have been taken away until the true assailant makes his confession. This includes all video gaming devices, computer, television, iPod, and playing with the neighbors. Wait. This seems more like a punishment for ME. 

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