When the husband isn't handy...Redux

This post was orginally posted at my other place in June of last year. I thought I would give you glimpse of what I am contending with as this year's series, "Will the Fence Get Painted?" warms up. Enjoy!

We got new shutters for the house. It is our first major "renovation".


It was kind of nerve racking as it was. We save up the money, finally bite the bullet and go to LOWE'S pick out what we want. Of course, because it is us, they have to be special ordered.

Figures. Thankfully, due to a slight error we had enough money to cover the extra.

Fast forward six weeks.

After much deliberation, the purchase of a new drill, new drill bits, some sweating, a little cussing and a promise of "special" sex, hubby finally decides to put the shutters up.

He wisely calls my dad in for assistance. Time runs out on the first evening, and he is told that if he'll lay them out, my dad will pop in one evening and put up the upstairs shutters.*

Yesterday evening, he gets home early from work and is going to finish up his end of the deal. I am doing something in the kitchen and he walks in..and gives me the look.

The look that means it will cost money.

The last set of shutters that go downstairs (on the dining room window) are two big. We ordered, wait, HE ordered 71" and not 59" which is what it needs.

I asked him if he actually measured.

"No, I just assumed...."


I call Lowe's today, and in my sweetest voice, I explain what I wanted to do. The guy pauses for a moment, looks up the order on the computer, and says, "Well, we normally would not do this since it is customer error and not ours, but I am going to let you do an exchange."


He goes on to tell me that if I'll just bring in the orginial, with the hardware, he'll take care of it.

He even calls me again later.


When I went in earlier to take the other one back, I thought there was going to be a problem, but it was all taken care of and I got 9 bucks back to boot!

Stay tuned. The beginning is near...


Kelsey S said...

Im so glad you got it fixed!


Diamond Saw Blade said...

I just went through your blog..And it seems to be very helpful for all the girls..Especially  married girls..

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