Not Getting What You Want: A Marriage Guide to Home Improvement

As I mentioned in the past Sunday's SOC post, Big Daddy did some remodeling on the pan cabinet as per my request.

Obviously it did not turn out the way I wanted. I was honest. His feelings were hurt.

The problem was a lack of clear communication. Or at least that is what I told him. He disagreed.

Here was our conversation. You be the judge:

Me: I saw a show today. This guy took tracks and made his cabinets more versatile. I think we should do that with the pan cabinet.

Him: Oh. Yeah. I know what you are talking about. I can do that.

Six months later....

Me: I wonder how much it would cost to reconfigure the pan cabinet. Can we go up to Ye Old Home Improvement Store and get some estimates?

Him: Sure. ::takes nap. No trip to YOHIS.::

One month later...which brings us to last week.

Me: While you are vacation, do you think you could work on the pan cabinet? Do you think it will cost a lot?

Him: No. Those tracks are cheap, and I have plenty of wood.

Me: What is "cheap?"

Him: Five or six bucks.

Me: Oh okay! Now, let me show you how  I would like the cabinet to work. First of all, can you ....

Him: I know what you want. Just leave it to me.

Two days and eight hours later...

Him: Your cabinet is done!

Here is what I wanted:

Pans not included

And this is what he lovingly did for me:

No pans were harmed during filming

You would think that after twelve years of marriage, I would have learned my lesson. This is not the first time I haven't gotten what wanted.

From this point forward, I shall be drawing, sketching, researching, and purchasing any materials needed before asking  for something of this magnitude again. I am totally heeding the advice that Fadra gave me in Sunday's post.

Learn from my many mistakes. I think I finally have.

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